Search is our specialism. For us, a full market search is just that; mapping the entire relevant market for a given role and approaching all of those individuals. We are well trained Search Consultants, and the majority of our Consultants previously worked for a leading UK Search firm, where they received first class training in Search methodology. They have passed on their wealth of knowledge to the rest of the team here at Eden James Consulting, enabling us to attract the industry’s top talent for our clients’ requirements.

The perception can be that this highly targeted recruitment approach is costly. However, we are able to offer Executive Search on a retained or non-retained basis, as well as a Named Candidate Search (if you only want specific individuals approached).

Because we cover the entire relevant market, you won’t get a more targeted, thorough and pro-active approach anywhere else.

We follow a rigorous 24 step recruitment process, which includes taking a detailed brief from you, enabling us to sell the opportunity in the best possible way. Without giving away all of our secrets, the process includes gaining confidential candidate recommendations from passive candidates, specific detailed interview feedback, as well as counter offer counselling to minimise the risk of this happening at offer stage.

We do our absolute best to secure the best possible shortlist for every vacancy we recruit for.


We are very proactive in securing the best possible shortlist for our clients. This recruitment method includes advertising, contacting relevant candidates from our extensive database, and proactively contacting passive candidates who have been referred to us by individuals in the market. If we are given the role exclusively for an agreed period (even just a week), we will also provide Search Services. We are well trained headhunters, having previously worked for a leading UK Search company, where we received first class training in Search methodology. We promote this method of recruitment as it produces the best possible shortlist.


In the Underwriting and Broking worlds, clients often know exactly who they want to approach for any given role. We offer vastly reduced fees for a named candidate search, whereby we are tasked to contact specific individuals and manage the recruitment process.

Being a third party, we are able to gain candid and open interview feedback from candidates, who are more likely to inform us of any concerns regarding the opportunity. This information can be very useful when tailoring your “pitch” to candidates at second and subsequent interviews, ensuring that you promote your opportunity in line with their specific requirements for a new role, rather than your assumptions. It also allows us to inform you of the likelihood of an offer being accepted, and whether an individual is vulnerable to a counter offer situation.

Our experience tells us that a candidate’s initial salary expectation is often higher than their bottom line figure. As a third party, we are able to gauge the true bottom line, often saving you a figure higher than our fee.

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